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Members of the geek community stand against corruption on In'tl Day of Peace

Which super power would you want for yourself? How would you use it?

Most people have daydreamed about being heroes in real life, swooping in to save the city or the world. Fantasies involving the power of flight or the gift of super strength have fueled box office numbers for the latest DC or Marvel blockbuster.

A group of cosplayers are done waiting for freak mutations before performing acts of bravery.


Courtesy of A Hero's Call
Courtesy of A Hero's Call

On Thursday September 21 — the International Day of Peace and the anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law — they're swapping invisibility for hyper-elasticity, seeking to reach out to as many people as possible.

Instead of waiting to be rescued, they're choosing to become beacons of hope.

Convened by theater actor Maronne Cruz, geeks are taking a stand against injustice as they launch "A Hero's Call: Cosplayers Against Corruption."

Cruz is joined by Spider Dan of the band Kikomachine, artists Toym Imao and Dexter Leonardo Enriquez, Kenneth Keng from the Silly People's Improv Theater, and a handful of other angry creatives.

It's a strictly online campaign that seeks "to motivate people to become their own heroes and take a stand for our country," Cruz told GMA News Online.

Now that villains are very real, the group explained, it’s time to become our own heroes.

Cruz added that the project is "100% a group effort", with everyone working to ensure that they communicate the message clearly.

"The bulk of this project came from everyone that said yes to participating. We all really worked together to make the most out of this whole thing. All the nitty-gritties came from everyone else. I always defer to our older, more experienced and knowledgeable activist participants. I never make any moves without consulting my team. we're incredibly democratic," she explained.

"A Hero's Call" seeks to embolden people to rise up by releasing images of popular superheroes holding protest signs. The group believes that all it takes is your voice and your passion to empower people "to care and to be courageous."

"At least Lannisters pay their debts and don't beg for immunity,"  one sign reads, held by a cosplayer dressed as Cersei Lannister.

Green Ranger, meanwhile, is holding a reminder that the authorities have the power to protect, not kill.

A Jedi declared her feelings plain and simple: "No to EJKs."

Cruz shared that 15 cosplayers are featured in the photo set, scheduled to be released at 11am on September 21st through the official A Hero's Call Facebook page.

"[Due to scheduling conflicts] and availability of our studio, not everyone was able to make it to the shoot date. We also had a lot of rejections, but also a whole lot of parties who really really wanted to be a part of this cause. We're still receiving messages from those who want to submit photos," Cruz said.

But while "A Hero's Call" is just an online initiative, the cosplayers will also be attending the mass action scheduled on Thursday. They won't be wearing their costumes, but they will be standing next to real heroes fighting for justice and freedom. — LA, GMA News