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Inside The Mind Museum's new space-themed traveling exhibition

Embark on an out-of-this world adventure and find your place among the stars via The Mind Museum's fantastic new exhibit.

In "Space Adventure: The Journey to the Wonders of the Universe", no one is too old — although adults might find themselves envying kids who can fit into the spacesuit-inspired vests!

The exhibition is developed for a younger crowd, but even the grownups will enjoy spending an entire afternoon in the open area. A section of "Space Adventure" is made to look like a space station in Mars and there are buttons and switches galore.

It's a giant fidget cube, basically.

There's a LEGO station and an area where kids can draw their own planets, but it's the "Dress Up Your Astronaut" that will catch the eye. Very few of us can name a female astronaut and it's exhibits like this one that will maybe change that for the next generation.

Additionally: Yes to the union of fashion and science because they're not mutually exclusive.

The Mind Museum's continuing effort to make science accessible is commendable. In an open environment like The Canopy, the notion that education is boring is dispelled and kids start associating learning with fun.

Admission to #SpaceAdventurePH starts at P250 (Space Adventure only) for a limited hour visit and P400 for an all-day pass. A separate fee is required for the museum itself. — LA, GMA News

Exhibit will run until at least December 2018. Purchase tickets before May 23 to get discounts. Visit The Mind Museum's official website or social media pages for more information on tickets and promos.