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Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things' Eleven: 'She becomes more like me'

TOKYO, JAPAN — Things are (supposedly) settling down in the fictional town of Hawkins after the first two seasons of Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things."

Entering the third season, our heroine Eleven has closed the gateway to the Upside Down, been reunited with her friends and her love interest Mike, and found a father in Sheriff Jim Hopper.

The question is, how will things change for her this season?

During a round-table interview with members of the media, teenage superstar Millie Bobby Brown gives a hint of Eleven's pending transformation.

"Eleven becomes much more like me... She definitely becomes more like me this season," she said.

"She’s very vulnerable, very powerful and strong. I can relate to her strength mostly," she added.

As early as March, the official trailer for the much awaited third season blazed through the internet in all its colorful glory.

One thing that fans took notice of was Eleven's new style.

She had shed the dark clothes and sleek hairstyle she was fond of in Season 2, and is wearing actual dresses.

"More colors, much more vibrant, she showed a little leg!" Millie exclaimed as she described Eleven's new wardrobe.

Asked if she had a hand in the new style, she answered, "Yes, absolutely."


Courtesy of Stranger Things/Netflix
Courtesy of Stranger Things/Netflix

"I have a lot of influence over what I wear, all the kids do. That’s the thing about the Duffer brothers, they really let us explore with what we feel the characters would wear," she said.

Aside from the style, Millie also compared Eleven's relationship with Hopper as similar to that of her and her real dad's.

"Hopper and Eleven this season really resemble what me and my dad are. Just a real father-daughter relationship, something that is extremely raw and emotional and normal. It’s very normal," she said.

"He just adopted her last season, and so her name is now Jane Hopper, which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, oh my gosh," she laughed.

It seems that Eleven is slowly transforming into a real girl with a real dad, a boyfriend, and new clothes, to boot.

But since it's Hawkins we're talking about, nothing is probably what it seems.

Stranger Things 3 will be streaming on Netflix starting July 4. — LA, GMA News