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Wil Dasovich gets Moderna vaccine shot in California

Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich has received his Moderna vaccine shot against COVID-19 in Napa, California.

In a vlog released Wednesday, Wil showcased his vaccine journey, from scheduling his shot to feeling out the possible side effects.

Since there no slots available in his hometown, Wil, a cancer survivor, got his vaccine schedule in Napa, a nearby city.

“Currently, I’ll get Moderna ... but as an opinion ultimately the best vaccine is the one available to you,” he said during his car ride to the facility.

His father, a cancer survivor who earlier received a Pfizer vaccine shot, echoed Wil’s sentiments.

“For me personally, I increase my risk by not getting the vaccine so I got the vaccine to reduce my risk,” he said.

Wil was inoculated shortly after arriving at the facility. The medical frontliner told him that he may feel dehydrated and have headaches afterwards.

The vlogger said that although there was fear of the long-term effects of the vaccine, what people should be more scared of were the long-term effects of COVID-19.

In a separate Instagram post, he wrote: “Just like preparing yourself against [COVID-19], you should approach the vaccine in the same way as it may have side effects (everyone reacts differently). Get good sleep, exercise regularly, eat good, and take the right supplements!”

Apart from Wil, some of the celebrities who had recently received their COVID-19 vaccine shots include actress Alice Dixson, who also got her first dose overseas. 

Celebrity events organizer Tim Yap, who violated protocols when he threw a lavish party in Baguio City in January, also got his vaccine shot in Taguig City on Wednesday. – Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News