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Filipino ARMYs gather to celebrate BTS 9th anniversary, raise funds for UNICEF

BTS might be focusing on their solo projects for the meantime, but that did not stop ARMYs from mounting a fan meeting to celebrate their idols’ 9th anniversary.

The best thing about it? We got “Permission to Dance” and sang our purple hearts out at the special gathering!

Welcome to Filo ARMYs’ ‘Mikrokosmos’

With over 18,000 members, fan group Borahae From Manila launched a special gathering on July 31 in celebration of BTS, who debuted in June 2013.

During the activity, group founder Joan de Venecia-Fabul told the nearly 1,000 attendees to “use this event to recharge, regroup and recuperate.”

Indeed, the pavilion turned like a “Mikrokosmos” as each BTS member had his own special booth where fans could interact with fellow Filipino ARMYs with activities and games that resonated with each Bangtan boy.

ARMYs whose “bias” is RM, the group’s leader, set up a mini workshop area where fans can create their own art reflecting his love for paintings.

Supporters of V or Taehyung had a trampoline with a photo booth, which reminded fans of the iconic game featured on the group’s variety show “Run BTS.”

“Lachimolaloves,” a group formed for their love of Jimin, designed a romantic space where fans could capture a “Serendipity” moment with him.

Filipino ARMYs also enjoyed an AR photo booth inspired by J-Hope’s latest solo album “Jack In the Box,” while some of his fans were spotted wearing “Chicken Noodle Soup” crocheted hats.

Supporters of “Worldwide Handsome” Jin dressed up like iconic arcade characters, mirroring the fondness for games of the group’s eldest member.

On the other hand, Filo ARMYs who loved SUGA had the chance to prove it’s not “Fake Love” and be his bride for a day!

Lastly, “Golden Maknae” Jung Kook’s stan group set up a mini-game booth where fans could win BTS merchandise by popping balloons.

The ‘DNA’ to share love to Filipino children

Beyond the fun and exciting activities lie a deeper purpose for the event—a donation drive in partnership with UNICEF Philippines.

In support of the BTS Love Yourself global campaign, Borahae From Manila raised PHP200,000 donations from the morning session alone.

Present during the purple event is UNICEF Philippines representative Lee Seok Yeong, who encouraged Filo ARMYS to “talk about self-love to your peers, to your children and to your family … ‘apobangpo’—ARMY forever, BTS forever!”

Korean Embassy Second Secretary Gu Hwa Yeong also shared her high hopes for Filipino ARMYS to “continue creating good influence all over the world.”

Truly, the best is yet to come as many Filipino ARMYS signed up to become UNICEF donors.

For ARMYs, fan meetings like this is something their purple hearts can look forward to as they await the day their 7 bulletproof boys can perform together once again on stage. – RC, GMA News

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