This is what Raymund Marasigan has to say about Marcus Adoro and the issues surrounding him

Following the news of The Eraserheads reunion concert, social media has been abuzz with opinions on guitarist Marcus Adoro and issues surrounding him, particularly his alleged history of abuse.

In the latest episode of the podcast "Offstage Hang," Raymund Marasigan said they knew coming in that such talk will be part of the game.

"Because of this show, people will discuss, people will argue, people will fight, people will boycott — that's OK. Kasali yun," he told co-host Daren Lim.

"When we agreed to do the show, we know all of these can happen and kasali yun. I will not invalidate people's opinions nor feelings," he continued.

However, the current Sandwich frontman stopped there and refused to give his personal opinion. "If you're my friend, text me and I will discuss it with you privately, because anything I say publicly online can be misconstrued," he said.

"Now after saying that, I want to protect everybody's privacy, everybody involved. And honestly, in my heart, I want them to resolve it and have peace of mind and heart," Raymund continued.

According to the Eheads drummer, he's talked about it — privately — with his girlfriend, with his daughter, with his bandmates, even with "the people concerned."

"But I'm not going to talk about it publicly because it's a private matter," Raymund explained.

In 2019, Marcus Adoro's daughter Syd Hartha took to social media to speak up about alleged abuse she sustained from a person named Makoy. She appeared to be referring to Adoro.

Hartha also shared screengrabs of her conversation with Barbara Ruaro, an ex-partner of Adoro.

At that time, Ruaro also opened up about the domestic violence she suffered caused by an unnamed party.

When the reunion was announced on Monday, both Hartha and Ruaro took to Twitter to thank those who had not forgotten.


"Thank you to every single person who chose not to turn a blind eye," began Ruaro's tweet.



"Thank you for praying with us and for us. Thank you for making sure that we feel your massive support, whether we know each other personally or not," read a portion of Ruaro's tweet, where she tagged Hartha.

Apart from retweeting Ruaro, Hartha also tweeted "salamat sa mga hindi nakalimot."



The Eraserheads on Monday announced a reunion concert happening in December.

GMA News Online has reached out to Adoro for comments. — LA, GMA News