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'Maria Clara at Ibarra' is coming to Netflix!

In case you’re missing “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” here’s some good news!

According to a GMA Network report, the hit Kapuso historical drama starts streaming on Netflix on April 14.

If you need a refresher, “Maria Clara at Ibarra” follows Gen Z nursing student Klay who is uninterested in societal issues and her Jose Rizal subjects.

When Klay gets busted for submitting a plagiarized report, her professor Mr. Torres lends her his copy of "Noli Me Tangere." Klay falls asleep while reading and suddenly finds herself in the world of the novel.

There, Klay learns about how the Philippines’ past also affects the present and does not hesitate to clap back at the characters’ old-school and close-minded views.

Dennis Trillo plays Crisostomo Ibarra later known as Simoun, Julie Anne San Jose is Maria Clara, and David Licauco plays the mysterious Fidel.

More cast members include Juancho Trivino as Padre Salvi, Rocco Nacino as Elias, Andrea Torres as Sisa, Tirso Cruz III as Padre Damaso, and Khalil Ramos as Basilio.

“Maria Clara at Ibarra” aired its finale last February. It received a loyal fan following and produced a successful loveteam with Barbie and David. —Nika Roque/JCB, GMA Integrated News