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'Don't just join the trend' and other fashionable tips from celebrity stylist Pam Quiñones

Instead of just joining fashion trends, celebrity stylist Pam Quiñones recommends having fashion staples according to your style and then building your OOTDs from there.

"I think women or people are naturally moody dressers. So you can be anything! Tomorrow you could be maximalist, so we wanted to tap on those different personalities and show that within these personalities you can have micro-trends," Pam said in an interview with GMA News after the Stylist's Closet event.

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Pam said she doesn't want people to get "crippled with the idea of 'hindi na uso'."

Pam believes everyone has each of their own personal style and building your wardrobe is one way to always stay fashionable.

She added a very important point: "Fashion is just fashion. Style is you. You make fashion your own."

Here's a list of fashion tips we learned from Pam that might help you discover your own fashion personality.

1. Wear different fashion personalities based on events 

Pam curated Stylist's Closet 2019's ensembles based on four personalities:

  • pureness
  • maximalist
  • natural
  • unpredictable

And you don't have to get locked in on just one personality. Pam said these fashion personalities can be worn depending on your mood or the kind of event you'll go to.

For the pure personality, Pam said it's "very much city slicker, so it's very much dressy, everyday wear."

She said it's something best worn for afternoon events but rarely on evenings.

Pam thinks the maximalist personality style can be best worn on evening events or events that feel "a little bit more glam."

The natural style, on the other hand, is something Pam would wear when she travels to tropical countries, and since we're living in one Pam said it's also great for every day.

"It’s my personal favorite because I travel a lot. I love the south of Philippines, south of Europe, south of everything so I like the Mediterranean tropical climate so that really resonates with me. I love that. Also for every day it’s great, any get away."



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Lastly, for the unpredictable style which is filled with active wear athleisure ensembles, Pam said it's something she would also wear everyday.

2. Have your dependable fashion staples

Pam said closet staples are important because it will "help you build your fashion personality."

"If you have those closet staples, you would always go back to them whether you want to look pure or maximalist or unpredictable," Pam said.

Some of Pam's staples include Levis 501 jeans, a pair of black jeans, oversized blazers, silk dresses, a clutch and a pair of strappy heels.



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Pam shares that a pair of jeans may change but Pam realized "it will always be there." Black jeans are perfect, the stylist adds. "It can easily go from casual to formal because the color is classic." Pair it with a shirt and sneakers for day time or a silk top and heels for night time. 

3. Build your wardrobe

Pam's philosophy as a curator is "to make sure when you buy something it's really something to add to your wardrobe."

She said it's important to have your own classic staples in your wardrobe that you take care of for years, and which you can mix and match with current pieces that are on trend.

"You keep it for the next 10 years, and then if you want to be trendy this season buy a few pieces."

4. Don't buy head-to-toe in one go

Pam doesn't recommend shopping for too many ensembles, saying it's best to "get one or two pieces. I highly recommend not getting too many things."



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The reason? She says buying an entire OOTD in one shopping spree will tend to make you just mirror what's on trend. This practice will not help you experiment on your personal style, Pam adds.

"I recommend not buying things from head to toe in one go because you will regret it. You’re not really exercising your personal style, you’re just sort of going with the flow," she said.

5. Use one color family when mixing and matching prints and pattern

Not everyone has the guts to put on a maximalist fashion personality, especially when playing with printed and patterned ensemble.

But Pam said she believes everyone has that maximalist mood in them.

Pam suggests that when you style prints and patterns together, "stick to one color palette or a color family."



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She noted that having one palette or color family will make the pieces look cohesive and not off-putting.

Whether you choose unpredictable, maximalism, natural or pure, Pam said what's important is to "own it. You have to commit to it and not fidget when you wear it."

Stylist's Closet 2019 will have pop-up stores in various Ayala Malls from July 4 to August 18. — LA, GMA News