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Heart Evangelista reveals her big secret when it comes to jewelry

Heart Evangelista revealed she doesn't mind wearing fashion jewelry, especially during her travels. 

"My biggest secret, when I travel I usually bring all my fake jewelry, my studs, sometimes they are lookalikes of what I already have," she shared with the press at the launch of her jewelry collaboration with Royal Gem.

"Of course I mix, but like my main, my really expensive ones, I [don't] bring because I'm afraid to travel with [the real ones]," she added.



The risk runs high especially during fashion week, when outfit changes are the norm. 

"Especially I like to change during fashion week, I change my jewelry a lot...So I like to mix. I'm not maarte, I'm lucky I don't get itchy," she said.

Heart said she only invests in luxury and expensive jewelry when she knows it will last for generations.

"If it's really expensive and I know it's not a good investment, I don't buy. But if it's something that you know you'll use till you're old then I'll put money for that I'll save up for it," she said.



When it comes to following jewelry trends "like layering all these things and you know you're not gonna use it forever, then I don't mind buying fashion jewelry," Heart said.

Heart launched her collaboration with Royal Gem where she transformed her artworks into wearable jewelry. — LA, GMA News