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Marian Rivera shares her 5 must-have online purchases

Marian Rivera wears many hats. Aside from her role as a mom, wife, and celebrity, she is also an entrepreneur. Regardless, Marian having multifaceted roles doesn't stop her from finding time to relax and take care of herself, especially through retail therapy!

Online shopping is one of Marian's favorite activities to do to destress, and she's somewhat an impulsive buyer (like most of us who's been scrolling endlessly on online shopping apps!). Admittedly, the award-winning Kapuso actress practices the saying, "if it makes you happy, i-checkout mo na 'yan!"

During her recent launch as Shopee’s newest brand ambassador, Marian shared her favorite purchases which help keep their home tidy and functional.

1. Ref organizer

Marian spends most of her time in the kitchen, so she always wants it spotless. Just like Marian, you can organize your refrigerator space and make the most of its storage with ref organizers. Not only can it make the inside of your ref more pleasant to look at, but it also helps keep ingredients fresh.

2. 3-layer storage cart

Things can get tricky when cooking, especially when you need to go around the kitchen to collect all your ingredients. Marian knows this struggle as an avid home cook so she recommends a 3-layer storage cart. Put all your key ingredients in this cart and roll it right beside you for an easier time moving around while preparing meals.

3. Plush indoor slippers

"After a full day of work, gusto ko mag relax and i-pamper sarili ko (I want to relax and pamper myself) because I know I deserve it," said Marian. So kick those shoes off after a long day of working and running errands. With plush indoor slippers, you'll feel comfortable with every step at home.

4. Marble race mini blocks

Marian's greatest joy is seeing her children smile. "When I see my kids happy whenever we bond, instantly ako din nagiging happy (instantly I also become happy)," she said. So bring joy to your loved ones with marble race mini blocks that will keep you busy for hours and enjoy precious memories together.

5. Minimalist jewelry organizer

Most of us can relate to Marian, who is a self-confessed impulse buyer when shopping online. Interestingly, her purchases are mostly useful house items that keep her valuables organized, so she knows exactly where everything is. A minimalist jewelry organizer guarantees that your prized beauty essentials are displayed in a spacious and sturdy acrylic compartment that looks perfect alongside your vanity mirror.

Marian recently joined her husband Dingdong Dantes and daughter Zia as member of the Shopee family. – RC, GMA News