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Israel: three of the most important things to see and do

A recent #TravelGoals episode of "Biyahe ni Drew" showcased the many things one can do in Israel.

1. Nazareth Village. Here, you can see how life was like back in Jesus’ day. They'll show you which jobs were popular back in the day (carpentry), the food they ate (delicious bread!), and even their clothing.

2. The Church of Nativity. This is where Jesus was born. The exact spot is marked with a 14-point silver Star. Why 14, you may ask? It symbolizes one of the bible’s greatest teachings: That Jesus descended from 14 generations.

3. The Sea of Galilee. Call us sophomoric, but perhaps one of the biggest things we learned watching the video is that The Sea of Galilee — which is where Jesus spent most of his ministry — is not actually a sea.

It’s a heart-shaped lake, "fed by the Jordan River and drained by it" that visitors can explore on boat. 

In case you’re scouting for destinations where you can spend Holy Week – Lent is just around the corner, you guys – consider Israel. — LA, GMA News