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Wanted: Pokemon Go 'lure managers'

Now your Pokemon Go craze can turn into a part-time job.

A job posting looking for "lure managers" for the interactive game has gone viral on Facebook.

The post was made by James Tancioco, HR lead at Voyager Innovations Inc., the digital services arm of Smart Communications.

"The job is really easy. We need you to activate lures the entire day!" the post read.



The company is looking for 10 part-time "lure managers" who will work for a month. In the game, a "lure module" attracts Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. The effect benefits other people nearby.

Tancioco told GMA News Online that the specific job description and responsibilities for a lure manager are not yet available as plans for the project remain confidential. He said the hiring of lure managers is part of Voyager's project for a certain client, which he did not disclose.

Interested applicant must be at least 20 years old, second year college/college graduate, level 10 to 15 in the Pokemon Go game, tech savvy, and an Android phone user.

Tancioco said applicants can send their resumes to his email together with the screenshot of their Pokemon Go character profile. —JST, GMA News