Pru Life UK Investments optimistic on UITF products despite COVID-19


Pru Life UK Investments, the asset management firm of British insurer Pru Life UK, is optimistic with the launch of its new investment products despite a generally weak investor sentiment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, Pru Life UK Investments launched three Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) namely, PRUInvest PH Equity Index Tracker Fund, PRUInvest PHP Dynamic Equity Fund, and PRUInvest USD Intermediate Term Bond Fund.

“The launch of our new funds is in line with our mission to help Filipinos achieve their financial goals through tailored and best-in-class wealth solutions,” Pru Life UK Investments director Lee Longa said.

“Demand for asset management and trust products is on the rise as consumers seek options to better manage their personal finances. With these funds, Filipinos can enjoy a flexible investment timeframe, professional fund management services and easy access to broader asset classes,” Longa said.

Asked why the company pushed through with launching the investment products, Pru Life UK president and CEO Antonio de Rosas said that this is the right time for investors in the capital markets since “prices are cheaper and depressed.”

De Rosas explained that when the COVID-19 crisis is over there is a potential for the market to go up and poses an opportunity for those who went in and bought positions at a cheaper prices to “earn much more.”

“The strong balance sheet of the country, fiscal debt to GDP is very low considering huge foreign reserves... At the same time companies have strong balance sheets,” he said.


Aggressive investors who want to leverage the growth of the Philippine economy can take advantage of the PRUInvest PH Equity Index Tracker Fund —a multi-class equity fund that seeks to achieve investment returns by tracking the Philippine Stock Exchange Index performance.

Investors can also opt for the PRUInvest PHP Dynamic Equity Fund, which pursues long-term capital growth by investing in Philippine companies with strong growth potential as Pru Life UK Investments said it employs a systematic-based approach to determine which companies can consistently grow their income and increase shareholder value in the long term.

Investors who value capital appreciation and income from their dollar assets can opt for PRUInvest USD Intermediate Term Bond Fund.

This fund is designed to help investors achieve stable income with moderate growth by investing in a portfolio of liquid US dollar-denominated government bonds and fixed-income instruments, according to Pru Life UK Investments.

The UITF offerings are an addition to the company’s existing investment products such as the PRUInvest PHP Liquid Fund and PRUInvest USD Liquid Fund, and three global funds, PRUInvest USD High Yield Asian Bond Feeder Fund, PRUInvest USD Global Market Balanced Fund of Funds and PRUInvest USD Global Technology Equity Feeder Fund.

The new funds have received regulatory approval from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in May 2019, according to Pru Life UK Investments.

The launch of the investment products is in line with Pru Life UK’s “We DO Wealth” commitment to promoting wealth management and securing the financial future of Filipinos across the country.—AOL, GMA News