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DOLE: Employees working on Feb. 24 holiday entitled to additional pay

Employees working on Friday, February 24, a special non-working holiday, are entitled to additional pay, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).
On Thursday, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. moved the February 25 holiday to February 24 “to enable our countrymen to avail of the benefits of a longer weekend pursuant to the principle of holiday economics... provided that the historical significance of the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary is maintained."

It was on February 25, 1986, when the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., his family, and close associates fled the country amid the People Power Revolution.

In its Labor Advisory No. 2, the DOLE said those who rendered work during the special non-working day shall receive an additional 30% of their basic wage on the first eight hours of duty.
For work done in excess of eight hours, the employer shall pay the employee an additional 30% of the hourly rate.
If the work is done during the special non-working day, which also falls on the employee’s rest day, the employer shall pay the employee an additional 50% of the basic wage for the first eight hours and another 30% of the hourly rate if the worker renders overtime duty.
“If the employee does not work, the ‘no work, no pay’ principle shall apply unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement,” the DOLE said.  — VBL, GMA Integrated News