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BSP not ruling out ‘Photoshop job’ in P100 bill with two images of former President Manuel Roxas

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is now investigating the authenticity of a P100 bill which was reported to have been misprinted, as it could have been artificially enhanced.

“We can’t rule out Photoshop job or hoax. So, this has to be also investigated but we need to inspect the so-called misprint,” BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla Jr. said in a text message to GMA News Online.

A certain Emmanuel Claudio Constantino claimed in a Facebook posting that he received a P100 bill with the face of the late President Manuel Roxas not only on the obverse side but also on the reverse side, over the image of Mayon Volcano.

Constantino said he got the bill as change when he bought sparklers in a market in Tandang Sora for of New Year’s Eve celebration.

Constantino said he will most likely keep the banknote and will not submit the bill to the central bank for further verification.

“Itatabi na lang po siguro namin ito. Isa lang po kaya ‘di po siguro namin irereport sa BSP,” he said.

Espenilla said, however, the image of President Roxas on the reverse side of the bill could have been artificially enhanced.

“If you look at your normal 100 piso note, there’s really a Pres. Roxas head watermark superimposed over Mayon Volcano,” he said.

“This could have been artificially enhanced in this particular note. That’s why we have to see,” he added.

The BSP earlier urged the public not to post photos of misprinted peso bills on social media, as this may “cast doubt” on the credibility of the legal tender. — VDS, GMA News