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Historic Filipinotown festival set this week

LOS ANGELES – Hispanic folklore will be celebrated this week at the Historic Filipinotown anniversary. To be featured are dance groups from Guam, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia and Honduras to salute Filipinotown Los Angeles in a memorable feast. On Aug 4th and 5th, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.on Temple and Burlington in Los Angeles. There will be free parking across the street at City of Angels Medical Center, during the famous Historic Filipinotown Festival, 5th edition. Great Filipino performers for all ages, emerging talents from top shows and an array of booths for goods, arts, crafts, services and food variety will be the highlight of the occasion. There will also be an exciting five-kilometer walk-run contest. The organizer is Proyectos Saluda. “The Hispanic world will salute Los Angeles" 5th Anniversary of Filipinotown, Los Angeles" , a two-hour feast of Hispanic color, traditions and culture to bring together these sister communities in Los Angeles," it said. Mexico’s “Esplendor" group will cheer up the audience with the lively and rich Mexican folklore. “Nicaraguita" Dance Group will convey to the Filipino crowd the beat and passion of Nicaraguan volcanoes and lakes with fullness of life. The Honduran command of the African heritage fused into the New World, will bring beat and passion in a fascinating mix of Spanish and African with the famous “hula" group. “Comparsa Fantasía Colombiana" will bring to the Filipinos the festivity and joy straight from the world famous Barranquilla Carnivals in Colombia. The exclusive and historical visit by “Kutturan Chamoru" group will come as the ultimate touch to fascinate the audience with the great Hispanic folklore of Guamanians in their common ties with Filipinos and Latin Americans. Proyectos Saluda’s folklore groups performances are as follows: Saturday, Aug 4th at 3:00 p.m. Honduras-Nicaragua-Mexico, and Sunday, Aug 5th at 12 noon Guam-Colombia-Mexico. Visit for more info. Historic Filipinotown was created by a resolution of the Los Angeles City Council on August 2, 2002. It is home to a diverse population of about 17,000, and houses 30 Filipino organizations, businesses, and landmarks. The festivities for the 5th Anniversary are being produced by the Historic Filipinotown Committee. Proyectos Saluda, founded by Venezuelan Alvaro Vanegas, provides artist agent services for dance/music groups featuring Hispanic folklore, to complement the mosaic of the Hispanic cultures in California and foster the union of a global Hispanic community. It includes Latin American, Spanish, Philippine and Guamanian groups showcasing their Hispanic heritage. - Philippine News
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