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‘Amalayer’ girl seeks 'face-to-face' with LRT guard

While she regretted her behavior, controversial #amalayer girl Paula Salvosa wants to be interviewed together with the Light Rail Transit guard with whom she had an altercation with earlier this week. Salvosa said that this was how the truth would come out. In an interview aired on TV5 Friday, Salvosa said, "Ganoon akong klaseng tao, pag mali ako aaminin ko. Pag alam ko sa tama ako paglalaban ko yan. Pasensya na at ganyan naging asal ko nagawala ako in public. Na-trigger dahil nasaktan ako ng lady guard." Furthermore, Salvosa said that she is ready to take a lie-detector test to prove the veracity of her version of events. "Hindi ako naghahanap ng kakampi, gusto ko lumabas ang totoo," she said in the interview. She also maintained that the video of her confrontation with the guard, which went viral on the Internet, was taken out of context as she insisted the guard grabbed her and treated her rudely. "I don't think I deserve all this, umabot trending worldwide," she added. ‘Papatanggal niya ako’ The guard, Sharon Mae Casinas, insisted in an interview on dzRH radio Saturday morning that Salvosa was the aggressor who allegedly threatened to have her fired. According to the report, Casinas said she did not reply to Salvosa’s exclamations of “I’m a liar? I’m a liar?” as she feared losing her job. She has a child to support. "Pag hindi ako nag-sorry papatanggal niya ako. Pagluhod daw ako sa harap ng pasahero, yan gusto niya kailangan marinig ng pasahero," she said. Casinas did not get down on her knees as Salvosa supposedly demanded. But she was scared, nevertheless Sarcastic In the TV5 interview, Salvosa admitted raising her voice. "What's your problem," she yelled at Casinas, because the guard allegedly grabbed her. Salvosa explained that after she retrieved her bag from the x-ray machine, she approached Casinas and grabbed the lady guard. "(H)inawakan ko siya. ‘Di ba this is what you did to me,’" she supposedly asked Casinas. And when Casinas’ security supervisor arrived, the lady guard suddenly looked contrite and claimed she did not raise her voice at Salvosa. Salvosa said that it was at this point that she was caught on video, asking Casinas, "So you're making me look like a liar?" The supervisor then instructed Casinas to apologize, "magso-sorry ka o tatanggalin ka?" The lady guard did apologize but Salvosa found the tone “sarcastic.” She also denied asking the guard to kneel before her. "Sino ba ako para magpaluhod ng tao di ba? ... Sabi ko I want you to apologize to me in front of everybody sa LRT.” Salvosa also refuted the accusation that she elbowed Casinas, saying that she only weighed 84 pounds. Legal action Salvosa said she is considering legal action against the person who uploaded the “Amalayer” video. She had requested him to take the video down, but he refused. However, Salvosa would only sue "kung may tutulong sa akin." Meanwhile, the Twitter account that claimed to be Salvosa's, @paulaharlow, changed its title to Paula Amalayer, an indication that it was a "parody account." The @paulaharlow account had 10,001 followers as of 5 p.m. Saturday. — DVM, GMA News