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CSC: Govt agencies in Metro Manila to get four-day workweek

Following a resolution issued by the Civil Service Commission earlier this month, government agencies in Metro Manila may now adopt a four-day workweek scheme.
In a resolution dated September 8, the CSC introduced the four-day workweek scheme for government offices in the National Capital Region in a bid to "contribute" in lessening the volume of traffic brought about by major infrastructure projects. 
With the new scheme, which "may be implemented on a voluntary basis," government agencies in Metro Manila may hold office either from Tuesday to Friday or from Monday to Thursday.
A workday under the said scheme will run from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. – extended to 10 hours with an hour-long lunch break – to remain consistent with the required 40 work hours a week for employees.
The CSC, in the accompanying guidelines, said it also "encourages" the implementation of the new scheme to increase efficiency among employees and the organization, as well as to promote work-life balance and "enhance engagement, morale, and productivity."
Metro Manila-based government agencies may implement the scheme if they meet the following pre-requirements posted by the CSC, including:
  • a website where the agency's frontline services are accessible to the public;
  • a one-stop shop;
  • a functional call center/PABX telephone system that allows calls to be diverted to the Officers-of-the-Day, or alerts the caller that the office is closed; and
  • a baseline data on the agency's overall performance, as well as pertinent employee data (absence and tardiness rates, state of health and wellness, satisfaction level, turnover rate),  electric consumption in the office, and client satisfaction rating.
If they meet the pre-requirements and get the nod of the CSC, government agencies may initially implement the scheme for one year starting September 2014. — Rose-An Jessica Dioquino/RSJ, GMA News