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Passengers complain as Immigration queue at NAIA gets longer

The queue at the Immigration counters at Terminal 1 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport got longer on Sunday, prompting passengers to complain.

With only two Immigration officers on duty, the lines quickly spilled over to the check-in counters, according to a report by Katrina Son on Unang Balita on Monday.

Authorities eventually added more Immigration officers, bringing the total on duty personnel to eight.

According to airport personnel, the additional Immigration officers were pulled out from the arrival area.

Some passengers were quick to get angry at others trying to skip the line. 

One foreigner said it is only in the airport in Manila that the situation was like this.

Other passengers who heard of the reports of long queues decided to arrive at the airport early.

Passengers clamored for additional Immigration personnel to address the problem. —KG, GMA News