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Caloocan cops linked to Carl Angelo Arnaiz killing relieved from posts

The policemen involved in the killing of 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz in Caloocan City in August were removed from their posts.

According to Bam Alegre's report on Unang Balita Monday, the order to have  Police Officer 1 Jeffrey Perez and Police Officer 1 Ricky Arquilita relieved of their duties was received at 6 p.m. Sunday by the Caloocan Police.

Perez and Arquilita were ordered transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa.

The two policemen were allegedly engaged in an exchange of fire with Arnaiz past 3:30 a.m. on August 18.

In a sworn affidavit, the policemen said Arnaiz held up a taxi driver on C3 Road, took the driver's wallet, hit him with a gun then fled the scene.

The policemen were patrolling the area and saw Arnaiz who was walking. When they accosted Arnaiz, he reportedly opened fire against them, prompting them to fire back. The teenager was killed in the hail of bullets.

The taxi driver and other policemen then arrived. The driver positively identified Arnaiz as the one who held him up.

In another document, police said the driver's wallet containing P450 and the taxi were recovered from the crime scene.

They also said marijuana and shabu were found on Arnaiz's person.

However, the victim's relatives refused to believe this account since the autopsy report of the Public Attorney's Office showed that Arnaiz bore handcuff marks and his eyes were swollen. He also seemed to have been kneeling when he was shot several times on the chest.

"Doon sa spot report nila nakalagay na dead on the spot 'yung kapatid ko. Pero nakita ko 'yung kamay niya, 'yung right hand niya' na may parang bakas siya ng posas. Atsaka 'yung sa may mata niya may parang sinuntok siya or pinukpok siya ng baril. 'Yun 'yung mga parang 'di talaga nakakapagpatunay na nakipaglaban sa kanila 'yung kapatid ko," said Camille Arnaiz, sister of the victim.

"Ang gusto lang namin malaman bukod sa ano ba talaga ang nangyari, kasi nakalagay sa autopsy na 'yung tama ng bala, nakaluhod siya eh. Parang ganun. Bakit, 'di ba? Anong ginawa ng kapatid ko?" she added.

Arnaiz's body was in a morgue in Caloocan for more than a week before his relatives found his remains.

It was only in recent days when his family was able to hold a wake for him in Cainta, Rizal. Arnaiz will be buried on Tuesday.

Caloocan Police officer in charge Superintendent Ilustre Mendoza declined to be interviewed but said that as far as they were concerned, the case was closed.

He however said that they are aware that the family has asked the Public Attorney's Office to investigate the case.

PAO chief Persida Acosta visited Arnaiz's wake over the weekend. —KG/KVD, GMA News