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Anti-LGBT group holds own rally at Pride parade in Marikina, gets called ‘Bible idolaters’

An anti-LGBT group in Marikina on Saturday countered the annual protest of the LGBT community, its supporters, and its allies during the 2018 Pride March and Festival.

The group’s members, which include Filipino-speaking foreigners, stationed themselves outside the Marikina Sports Center where the festival was being held.

They told Pride attendees to “go home” because that is the only way they can “keep from sinning.”

They were wearing signs that read “obey Jesus” and “stop sinning.”

Meanwhile, a pro-LGBT religious group expressed support for the community.

They carry signs reading “God loves you no matter what idiots say.”

Pastor Joseph San Jose from the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), a Protestant Christian denomination, said that the anti-LGBT groups seemed to misunderstand the teachings in the Bible.

“May tinatawag tayong Bible idolatry, when the book becomes God and that’s what they’re doing. Mas importante sa kanila yung libro na tingin ko di naman nila pinag-aralan ng maigi, over the relationships of people,” he told GMA News Online.

He said that these individuals were misguided about the Scripture, and that God is not boxed inside the Bible and did not “stop speaking when the Bible was made.”

He added that he himself is a member of the LGBT community and he is marching for love, equality, and the freedom for the LGBT to marry. — MDM, GMA News