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Tullahan River needs immediate dredging —DENR exec

An official of the Department of the Environment of Natural Resources insisted Thursday that the Tullahan River in Metro Manila, which empties into the Manila Bay, needs immediate cleanup and dredging.

DENR Undersecretary Jonas Leones, during an ocular inspection, saw for himself how the murky river has been rendered shallow by mud and mire from all sorts of solid waste  materials from households and establishments along its banks, Super Radyo dzBB reported Friday.

Leones team's motor boat stalled several times in the river as its propeller got tangled in garbage, and at times its hull got stuck in mud and mire from garbage that settled on the river bed.

Tons of garbage have also made the river narrow and shallow, prompting Leones to suggest that  the river needs to be dredged and cleaned as part of Manila Bay's rehabilitation project.

The Tullahan River is located north of Metro Manila, winding down some 15 kilometers from the La Mesa Dam in Quezon City, flowing through Malabon and Valenzuela areas before finally emptying into the Manila Bay. —LBG, GMA News