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After cleanup, Biazon says Laguna Lake can be Metro Manila's water source, transport system

Muntinlupa Representative Ruffy Biazon on Wednesday called for a cleanup of the Laguna Lake at the eastern border of Metro Manila so that it could be used for various purposes in the metropolis.

During a meeting of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, Biazon pointed out that while Laguna Lake is being used by Manila Water and Maynilad in their year plans, the water resource may soon no longer be maximized due to its "deteriorating" quality after being used for commercial purposes.

"Darating ang panahon na yung quality of water ay hindi na kakayanin ng planta... How will we secure Laguna Lake as a water source?" he said.

"I hope this forum that we’re in now can be used to ensure water security by taking on concerned government agencies to rethink how we treat Laguna Lake as a water resource," he added.

According to Biazon, Laguna Lake is currently being used as fishpens put up by companies who solely benefit from the resources of the body of water.

If treated properly, Biazon said the Laguna Lake may be used to transport people from the southern part of Metro Manila to Rizal, hence would result in the decongestion of some roads such as C-5 and EDSA.

"If we clean it up, the entire lake could be an eco-tourism zone, all the cities and municipalities along the lake could benefit, it could generate jobs, it would help the environment," he said.

"My point here is that we can benefit from the lake in more ways than one, not just a source of freshwater.... It’s not just a source of water but the greater interest of a greater number of people in such as a natural resource which is supposed to be owned by everyone," he added.

Emiterio Hernandez, department manager at the Laguna Lake Development Authority, said the lake can supply the basic requirement for domestic water supply, but the problem is more on its water quality.

He said that while the lake is suitable for fishery use, "it is not yet a suitable source of potable water." —LDF, GMA News