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Provident Village, hit hard by Ondoy, bears brunt of Ulysses floods

In 2009, Ondoy dumped torrential rain in Metro Manila. Among the worst-hit was Provident Village, a subdivision in Marikina City on the banks of Marikina River.

As the cyclone poured more than a month's worth of water into the capital region overnight, hundreds of residents sat atop their muddied rooftops or waved frantically from top floor windows, enduring thirst and hunger for nearly 24 hours, before they were rescued on Sunday morning.

At least 15 bodies were recovered amid floods brought on by Ondoy, which dumped more than a month's worth of rain in Metro Manila.

More than a decade later, residents of the village had to relive their nightmare, as they bore the brunt of flash floods from heavy rains from Typhoon Ulysses.

With water levels of Marikina River rising due to overnight rains from Typhoon Ulysses, calls from residents for rescue began on Thursday before dawn.

The pleas for help came fast and furious on social media as residents, already without electricity, retreated to the upper floors and roofs of their houses for safety.

Into the afternoon, there remain many calls for rescue from residents of the village.

Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro expressed surprise by the speed of the rise in the water level of Marikina River, which exceeded the levels recorded during Ondoy. He has sought the help of the Coast Guard and other organizations for rescue operations of residents in the city.



—JST, GMA News