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COVID-19 survivor hears crying, wailing from patients' relatives while waiting for turn at ICU

A patient who recently recovered from the severe viral ailment said he heard crying and wailing from relatives of fellow COVID-19 patients while he was waiting for his turn at the Intensive Care Unit, according to a "24 Oras" report on Wednesday.

According to Sandra Aguinaldo's report, Gary Bautista, a patient in a private hospital, was initially being treated at a tent while hospitals were full.

"'Yung mga relatives, I can hear them crying and wailing outside. I have to close my eyes and pray, kasi I know pwede akong candidate doon,"  Bautista said.

When he was finally admitted to the ICU, Bautista recorded a video of himself, hoping for his recovery even as he had difficulty breathing.

"I'm sure with God's love and with all the prayers that I've been getting, I've been achieving from families and friends, I will make it through," he said over the recorded video.

After his experience, Bautista described how the health care system is already crashing as the number of coronavirus disease cases continue to grow in the country.

"Our healthcare system is crashing. Much as they want to accept patients, especially the critical ones, they can't do anything about it," he said.

When he finally tested negative for COVID-19, Bautista said he is prepared to donate his plasma for infected patients.—Consuelo Marquez/LDF, GMA News