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For the Deaf online, SONA translated into sign language

The Deaf were not left out. GMANews.TV teamed up with several deaf educators to interpret the SONA into sign language for those watching the website's livestream of the speech. Longtime deaf interpreter Jojo Esposa, an educator from the Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (MCCID), signed President Aquino's speech live for the benefit of GMANews.TV's deaf users. Having worked as an interpreter since 1992, Esposa said that this was the first time in the Philippines that the SONA has been interpreted into sign language for an online webcast. The idea for doing a sign language interpretation of the SONA began when some members of the deaf community were offended by a phrase included in the English translation of President Aquino's inaugural speech, explained Maria Veronica Perez, Dean of the De la Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies or DLS-CSB-SDEAS. DLS-CSB-SDEAS was one of several schools for the deaf that have partnered with GMANews.TV and other broadcast news organizations to interpret the SONA into sign language. The other schools are the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, and the MCCID College of Technology, and the Philippine School for the Deaf. {{/if}}{{#if storyParsed.author_details.author_facebook}}
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