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Hit by Typhoon Juan? Report missing persons, damaged roads and infra, calls for rescue

At the height of Ondoy and Pepeng last year, GMANews.TV received literally hundreds of reports from ordinary citizens about conditions on the ground in disaster-ravaged areas, which we eventually put on maps to aid disaster response efforts. As Typhoon Juan threatens to ravage Cagayan, Isabela, and many other provinces in Northern Luzon, GMANews.TV has developed a survey system to streamline the process of receiving reports from disaster zones. If your area has been hit by Typhoon Juan, you can use the form below to submit reports on the following:
  • Missing persons
  • Calls for rescue
  • Areas damaged, rendered impassable by the typhoon
  • Locations of evacuation and/or relief centers Once reports start coming in, we will be placing this information on the situation map below. These maps can be used by emergency response and rescue operations personnel in case of widespread disaster. We will also make the database itself publicly available. View full-screen Citizens can also submit videos and photos related to Typhoon Juan via YouScoop, the citizen-journalism platform of GMA-7. - PF/HS, GMANews.TV Form and map developed by Wayne Manuel and TJ Dimacali.