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Kris Aquino tweets about Cojuangco family anecdote and Hacienda Luisita

Local television personality and “presidential sister” Kris Aquino took to the social networking site, Twitter, her thoughts about the unanimous Supreme Court (SC) decision to distribute the land of Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita to the farmers.
Through her Twitter account @itsmekrisaquino, the youngest sister of President Benigno Aquino III began with: "Tomorrow, Nov. 27, will mark our Dad, Ninoy Aquino's 79th birthday. I believe PNoy inherited our Dad's courage in fighting for what is lawful and just."
About 24 minutes later, she "tweeted" a family anecdote, which she said she could relate to the recent SC decision:
"Since Luisita is very much in the news, may I share a beautiful story? When our Dad was imprisoned during Martial Law, our lolo Pepe Cojuangco visited him (lolo Pepe died in the mid '70s)."
"Our Dad was being offered a deal, everything taken away from our Mom's parents would be "given back" by the Marcos regime as long as my Dad signed papers admitting his guilt in the made up charges leveled against him."
"My Dad lost his own father at 15 and Lolo Pepe was really like his own father. My Dad told our lolo he'd sign the papers because he didn't want to see my grandparents suffer and lose so much."
"Lolo Pepe told Dad, 'Ninoy kaya namin. I'll take care of Cory and the kids. You fight for what is right because we believe in you.’"
Aquino concluded her story by saying:
"I hope that gives most of you a clearer picture of what my Mom's family is like. How they suffered and stood with my Dad and took care of us through the worst. To think, Ninoy Aquino was only their in-law," she "tweeted".
"We respect the Supreme Court, we survived even when they took everything from us, including our Dad's life -- and we will survive even this," she added.
Soon after she posted her story, several “Tweeps” reacted negatively to it.
“Ang kapal naman ng mukha ni Kris Aquino mag-tweet na kinuha na daw lahat sa kanila on the issue of Hacienda Luisita. Sinali pati tatay niya,” wrote Jaze Uy-Garrido.
Enzo Mondejar thought it was “weird that Kris Aquino is tweeting about a story of her dad [in relation to] Hacienda Luisita.”
Meanwhile, Twitter user Raimond Babol called Aquino’s story “insensitive.”
“How insensitive naman the ‘beautiful story’ of Kris Aquino. Sige nga i-compare mo ang buhay n’yo sa buhay ng mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita,” he said.
User A. Pedrosa replied to Aquino asking: “Why did a massacre happen pala at Hacienda Luisita? Whose fault was it? #idontknowthehistory”  — Rose-an Jessica Dioquino /ELR, GMA News