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Grace Lee demands apology from journalist

Korean-born radio-TV personality Grace Lee on Monday denied a VERA Files article quoting her as saying that she sees her relationship with President Benigno Aquino III heading for marriage. She also demanded an apology.   In a series of posts on her Twitter account, Lee branded as a "lie" the report by journalist-blogger Ellen Tordesillas that says Lee sees herself marrying Aquino.   "I'm deeply offended that a journalist like Ellen Tordesillas would write an article of lies to sensationalize one's private life. I have never said anything remotely close to what her write-up says I did. I believe the public deserves an apology from her," she tweeted.   "Furthermore, I would like to request Ms. Ellen Tordesillas to name the source who claims to have spoken to me regarding the PSG (Presidential Security Group) issue as this is not to be taken lightly," she added.   In her article, Tordesillas said Lee had said on her morning show “Good Times in the Morning” last week that her relationship with Aquino would last “the full length.”   As of 5 p.m. Monday, Tordesillas' blog site still carried her article, "Grace Lee sees herself marrying P-Noy." The article, distributed to media outlets on Sunday, was published on the front pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star, as well as on GMA News Online, which often runs reports by Vera Files, a journalism collective that has broken stories on the Arroyos' US properties, among other political issues. GMA News Online pulled down the Grace Lee story Sunday night as soon as she tweeted a denial of the quotes attributed to her. Tordesillas is also a blogger on GMA News Online.   In a statement, VERA Files said Lee informed them that it was her co-anchor DJ Suzy who said the relationship between her (Lee) and Aquino was headed for the altar.   In a text message to Tordesillas, Lee reportedly said, “The only points about your article I want to clarify is that I never uttered the words ‘altar’ or anything that might hint of desiring marriage.”   “Lee later said in a phone interview with Tordesillas that the issue about she and the President ending up at the altar was part of the banter between hosts of the program ‘Good Times in the Morning’ which airs on radio station 89.9,” the VERA Files statement read.   It added that Lee also said it was Suzy who replied “the full length” when asked by New York-based Mo Twister how long the relationship would last. She also clarified that she did not say “I’m praying for this,” referring to her relationship.     “What I said is that I pray everything will go well,” the statement quoted Lee as saying.                VERA Files also said that in the phone interview, Lee also denied revealing that the President had offered to provide her a team from the Presidential Security Group.  “It’s not true. There was no security issue that I ever discussed with anyone,” Lee said.   VERA Files sources had earlier quoted Lee telling a TV talk show host off-camera that the President had offered to provide her with PSG escorts. Asked if she will issue an apology, Tordesillas texted to GMA News, "We already issued a statement. That's it." - KBK/HS, GMA News