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Manila named world's 3rd worst city for driving

The city of Manila was tagged as the world's third worst city for driving, a list compiled by Cable News Network's said.   The site posted a photo of a passenger jeep stuck in floods, being pushed by Manila residents.   "Well, they said they wanted the traffic to flow," said on its report.   It noted that Manila in 2001 borrowed $60 million from the World Bank for transit-related activities, planning to use part of the funds to “promote the use of non-motorized transport.”   However, it also cited a report where local residents perceive traffic congestion as their number one problem, followed by air pollution, garbage collection, flood control, and the need for security.   "So, Filipinos care more about getting to work on time than they do about respiratory ailments, mounting trash heaps, drowning or being assaulted? Capitalism wins again!" it said.   According to, the "redeeming quality" in Manila is that "smooth-flowing traffic is apparenly of utmost importance to residents."   "So, you gotta figure somebody, somewhere is working on the problem. Right?" it said.   Tagged as the worst city to drive in was Beijing (China), where CNNGo cited its 20-day 70-kilometer (km) traffic jam in June 2010, and a 12-day 100-km jam two months later.   Named the second-worst was New Delhi (India), where rush hour is not just the most stressful time to drive "but also the most dangerous."   The other cities on the list included:   4. Mexico City, Mexico 5. Johannesburg, South Africa 6. Lagos, Nigeria 7. Sao Paolo, Brazil 8. Moscow, Russia 9. Toronto, Canada 10. Monaco - VVP, GMA News
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