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US Embassy congratulates PHL on midterm elections

The United States Embassy in Manila on Monday congratulated Filipinos for exercising their right to vote in the May 13 midterm elections. In a statement, the embassy said it was "encouraged" to see Filipino citizens "expressing their views and differences" during the campaign and "making their voices heard." "The Embassy of the United States extends warm congratulations to the people of the Philippines for exercising their right to vote in today’s mid-term elections.  We were encouraged to see so many Philippine citizens expressing their views and differences during the campaigns and making their voices heard at the polls today.  It was another reminder that citizens of both the Philippines and the United States share the core value of participatory democracy," it said. According to the embassy, 20 of its staff members who were accredited by the Commission on Elections as observers witnessed "Philippine democracy in action." Deputy chief of mission 'impressed' US Embassy deputy chief of mission Brian Goldbeck said he was impressed with the hard work and dedication shown by the Philippine poll workers and watchers. "Impressed by hard work, dedication of poll workers, watchers everywhere," he said on his Twitter account. Goldbeck spent the day observing the voting procedures in various parts of Metro Manila, including Makati City and Manila. He posted photos on his Twitter account of proceedings at a basketball court. Goldbeck also observed the voting process at the Manuel Araullo High School near the US Embassy. Other areas he visited included Manila High School. "Ever wondered about the color of freedom? Wear it with pride!" he said, referring to a photo he took of a voter whose finger was marked with indelible ink. At the Dasmariñas Clubhouse, he saw many Filipinos "exercising ballot box freedom of choice peacefully." "Democracy is great!" he noted. — BM, GMA News