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Teddyboy Locsin, JV Ejercito trade barbs on Twitter

Former Makati Rep. Teddyboy Locsin and Sen. JV Ejercito on Wednesday traded barbs on Twitter in connection with the possible impeachment of President Benigno Aquino III over his administration's controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

It started when Locsin reacted to Ejercito's comment wherein he said that the chances of impeaching Aquino  are slim because the President continues to be popular among the masses.

Ejercito's statement reached Twitter through Radio dzBB reporter Nimfa Ravelo, who quoted him in a tweet as saying that it is unlikely for Aquino to be impeached even if he allegedly allowed the release of DAP funds to senators after last year's conviction of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Locsin lashed back at Ejercito in a series of tweets after reading Ravelo’s tweet, which was retweeted by GMA News. The former congressman chided the senator for downplaying the chances of Aquino’s impeachment and urged him to use his brain when making such statements.

“What an opposition, tae talaga, impeachment has nothing to do w popularity, you do it if it is right thing…,” Locsin tweeted.

Addressing Ejercito’s statement that someone from the Aquino administration should “take the bullet” for the President and be accountable for the controversy, Locsin said: “someone has to take the bullet? ano ito, Western o gangster flick? Hoy, gamit utak.”

In response, Ejercito told Locsin that though he may not be as intelligent as the former lawmaker, he is armed with sincerity and a heart.

Locsin then said the opposition to which Ejercito belongs should be abolished because it is “retarded” and “useless” for not taking the initiative to start the impeachment proceedings against Aquino. As if this were not enough, he also lambasted the senator’s consultants, which he said should be “fed” to gay men in Muntinlupa.

“Who advises you? JV i-feed mo ang mga consultants mo so mga bakla sa Muntinlupa,” Locsin tweeted.

Locsin said that the senator should lead the call for senators to impeach Aquino instead of making people believe that Aquino’s popularity makes him immune to ouster. He said Ejercito “will never become a president” so he should just make the most out of his current position as a senator by “speaking right.”

“You will never be president, this is as high as you will get, but like a Kennedy you can make it your high point, speak right,” he said.

Ejercito replied that he has no ambitions of being a president and is content with his current position as a senator.

“I have no ambitions or plans to go higher office. I am grateful to be where I am right now,” the senator said.

When Margaux Salcedo, the spokesperson of Ejercito’s father, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, tried to intervene in Locsin and Ejercito’s Twitter feud by saying the two are on the same side as they are both against the DAP, Locsin responded by saying he was not bashing Ejercito and was just trying to “help” the senator by “[saving] him from his idiot advisers.”

Ejercito, meanwhile said his statement on the DAP that irked Locsin was just a reaction to the question about the propability of an impeachment complaint proceeding against Aquino at this time.

“I was asked if an impeachment is probable at this time, and I said I don't think it will,” he tweeted. -- KBK, GMA News