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DATABASE: Yolanda missing persons inquiries

If you are worried about someone in any of the areas hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda, or if you're in the Visayas and want to inform your loved ones of your whereabouts, please fill out the form below. Your information will be entered into Google's People Finder database.  — TJD/VC, GMA News

GMA News has compiled video clips of Typhoon Yolanda survivors caught on our cameras in Iloilo, Aklan, Mindoro, Samar and Leyte. If you're looking for someone who may have been affected by Yolanda, watch the videos to spot any familiar faces.

You may also see screengrabs of the same faces by viewing this Facebook album.

Volunteers with Google's Crisis Response Team has also compiled the following map of relief centers and drop-off points for people looking for, and looking to, help.