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An apology to Gabriela and Atty. Foja

Atty. Alnie Foja
Foja Law Office
cc: Rep. Emmi de Jesus, Gabriela Party-list
Dear Atty. Foja,
This is in reference to Gabriela's complaint and request for a written explanation regarding the story "Gabriela Women's Party expresses support for Cornejo" that was posted on GMA News Online.
This online story was based on a report that was aired on "24 Oras" on Thursday, Jan.30. 
We reviewed the video that the story was based on. The producer and editor who worked on the story understood the following quote, highlighted in the TV report, as a reference to Deniece Cornejo:
"Suportado namin yung biktima kasi dadaan naman yan sa proseso eh. Kung magkakaroon ng trial, malalaman naman kung siya'y nagsasabi ng totoo."
In the context of the interview and of recent events, it seemed a reasonable assumption that stated support applied to Ms. Cornejo, who claims to be a victim of rape. As Atty. Alnie Foja has stated, that was not her intent in her interview with reporter Sandra Aguinaldo.
We apologize for the misunderstanding. We revised the story soon after this matter was brought to our attention and removed any reference that may be construed as Gabriela Women's Party expressing any support for Ms. Cornejo.

GMA News Online

(An earlier version of this statement was published under an editor's name. It was the same letter sent privately to Gabriela and Atty. Foja. The editors take collective responsibility.)