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One batch of contaminated Nagaraya nuts recalled

A batch of Nagaraya nuts has been recalled after it was found to have an "unacceptable" level of fungal toxin that can stunt growth among children and affect the immune system if ingested in large doses, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said Monday.

In a statement on its website, the FDA said the Food Industries, Inc. has initiated a recall of its product Nagaraya Cracker Nut Original Butter Flavor (160 grams) identified under Lot No. 14019 after it was found to contain an unacceptable level for Aflatoxin.

An official from the Food Industries, Inc. told GMA News Online that they initiated the removal of the specified products from the shelf last week after the FDA communicated with them.

The official pointed out that  the recall only involved the specified product under the mentioned lot number and that no other Nagaraya variants and sizes are affected by it.

According to an earlier advisory from the FDA, Aflatoxin is a "byproduct of molds [which are] members of fungi." Fungi produce toxins called mycotoxins.

The FDA said Aflatoxin B1 is "one of the most naturally occuring carcinogenic mycotoxins produced by certain species of fungi, namely Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasitus." It said this is most commonly found in food and also the most toxic and carcinogenic.

It said Aflatoxin, also known as "anti-nutritional" or "anti-nutrient" toxin, "binds proteins, vitamins, and minerals so that the body cannot absorb the nutrients."

In children, it said Aflatoxin can stunt growth and can lead to kwashiorkor, a debilitating disease of nutritional deficiency.

If ingested over a prolonged period of time in large doses, the poison can inhibit the immune system, the FDA said.

The FDA said the "acceptable" limit of Aflatoxin is 20 ppb ug/kg.

The FDA said consumers who have purchased the recalled products are advised to contact the Sales Department of Food Industries, Inc. at 810-0141.

The public may also send their queries and other concerns to FDA's official e-mail address (, it said.

"The public is hereby assured that the FDA conducts continuous monitoring and market surveillance of all peanut-based food products for the purpose of ensuring protection of public health," it said. — Kimberly Jane Tan/KBK, GMA News