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Authorities rescue endangered wildlife from traders in Manila, Palawan

Authorities have managed to seize endangered and endemic animals in Manila, Palawan, and in Cebu meant for the illegal wildlife trade although they could not save all the creatures.

Nearly-featherless blue-naped parrots and Palawan Hill Mynahs were taken from a house in Sta. Cruz, Manila while 47 freshwater turtles and 160 scorpions were seized in Palawan, GMA News' "24 Oras" reported Friday.

The fresh turtles, which are an endangered species, and the scorpions are believed to have been meant for buyers in Manila.

Meanwhile, in Cebu, authorities stopped a truck that was transporting thresher shark meat headed for Lapu-Lapu City.

The shark meat, which was being transported along with barla fish, came from Dumaguete City and would have been made into fish balls and tempura.

Earlier this month, a Pasay City pet shop owner was arrested for selling and storing endangered wildlife such as the Philippine sailfin lizard, blue-tongued skinks, and Palawan Hill Mynahs in the backyard and basement of his house.

He was charged with violating the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act. — JDS, GMA News