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WATCH: Trillanes calls alleged VP Binay dummy ‘good friend’ at Sunchamp launch

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and businessman Antonio Tiu did not shake hands when the senator inspected the estate in Batangas that Trillanes says belongs to Vice President Jejomar Binay but that Tiu says is his.
But things have not always been cold between the two men according to a video from the opening of Sunchamp Agro-Tourism Park in Rosario, Batangas that is now circulating on the Internet.

In the video, Trillanes refers to Tiu as his "good friend", adding he had to attend the opening in August despite having a bad cold.
GMA News tried to reach Trillanes for comment but he had yet to respond as of this post. He has, however, admitted in the past that he was at the launch of the agro-tourism park. He has since said the event was a set up to make it seem that Tiu owns the property.

Trillanes has accused the vice president of secretly owning Sunchamp Agro-Tourism Park and refers to it as "Hacienda Binay".

Binay has denied the charge and has said the allegations against him are motivated by politics. — JDS, GMA News