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Gazmin admits receiving coup plot report

(Updated 12:16 p.m.) Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin on Thursday admitted receiving reports that there are people who are planning to oust President Benigno Aquino III.

During the resumption of the Senate hearing on the bloody Mamasapano clash that claimed the lives of over 60 people including 44 members of the PNP-Special Action Force, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago asked Gazmin on how the government plans to stop the coup plot. 

“The social media is rife with gossip that there should be a coup d’etat. It is in effect an attack against President Aquino. I have intelligence, as of yesterday, that leaders of certain alphabet soup acronyms who are familiar with the public had a recent meeting because they wanted to discuss how to stage a coup d’etat, who should be installed as president and even their contributors were there,” Santiago said.

To which, Gazmin, a former Army commanding general, said: “We indeed received those reports and we are still in the process of verifying and confirming all these reports. As far as coup d’ etat is concerned, it will entail the support of the military and we are very confident the military will not be involved in the coup d’etat.” 

'No concensus'

At a press conference after her appearance at the hearing, Santiago said the plan to oust the President has already been “a subject of a summit meeting among the leaders of certain rouge groups who want to eliminate the President to make way for somebody else.”
However, the planners “have not reached concensus.”
“But they have been meeting together with their financiers. The most prominent financier is the richest man of all. I think you are familiar who that is,” the senator said.
Asked if she can identify the supposed financier, Santiago declined, saying the subject will “hue and cry about it although I’m immune from libel since we are discussing Senate matters inside the Senate premises.”
“I dont want to make a big deal out of it until after the DND has already finished their investigation or their clarification,” she said.
Santiago said the financier is well known to have funded similar coups d’etat in the past. “That’s why you know him.” — RSJ, GMA News