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Probers establish fire safety violations in Valenzuela warehouse

Authorities have established several violations of fire safety regulations at the Kentex Manufacturing Corp. factory and warehouse that was gutted by a seven-hour fire last week.

The inter-agency task force on Friday conducted its last "walk-through" of the premises with the Bureau of Fire Protection using a 3D laser scan equipment to generate a three-dimensional layout of the factory, including precise measurements of the site.

Probers found that the factory did not have enough emergency exits and had no sprinkler and alarm systems. Second, highly flammable chemicals were found to have been mishandled.

Also, the building was found to have no safety officer and no BFP permit for welding operations in the premises.

Examinations by PNP scene of the crime operatives showed that some cadavers indicated that the victims died by suffocation while others were burned alive.

Probers have yet to close the body count at 72 as there are areas on the second floor of the factory's Building C that have yet to be reached because of the danger to retrieval teams.

Thirty-six judicial affidavits from Kentex workers who survived the fire will form part of the task force final report which is due in 2 weeks.

Starting tomorrow, the BFP will coordinate with Kentex owners in disposing of the remaining dangerous chemicals before the factory is demolished. -NB, GMA News