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Jinggoy's house was desecrated, not just robbed

It was traumatic enough to come home at 3 a.m. to find a thief inside your house, but even more traumatic to discover that your uninvited guest came for much more than your money and valuables.
In a phone interview, Precy Ejercito, wife of detained Senator Jinggoy Estrada, revealed that they found human feces in several parts of the house after the suspect was arrested. The incident took place Saturday evening, while the family was away to celebrate the 85th birthday of former Senator Loi Ejercito Estrada. 
“Nag-poopoo hindi lang sa banyo. Sa balcony ng office ko, pati doon sa tinanggalan ng fence,” she said.
The suspect was also apparently hungry and thirsty during the heist, downing cans of root beer, munching on chocolate bars and fruits. He also helped himself with some canned goods.
Based on their review of the CCTV footage, the suspect/s may have spent around five hours inside their house, stealing over P300,000 in cash and valuables. They found filing cabinets forced open, documents scattered, and bags and wallets opened in one of the rooms.
The suspect’s unusual behavior puzzled Mrs. Ejercito. The suspect spent time inside her youngest daughter’s room, and even played with the young girl’s Barbie computer, on her bed.”
“Ang weird niya. Ngayon lang ako nakarinig na may ganyang magnanakaw,” she said. 
Mrs. Ejercito believes the suspect could not have acted alone, contrary to his claim. She added that she believes the suspect received a tip from one of the household staff.
"Five hours sila sa bahay so paano malalaman na wala pa kami that time kung wala silang kasabwat sa bahay ko, so I think it's an inside job,” she said. 
The Ejercitos have temporarily left their Corinthian Hills home while repairs are being made on their house. The suspect, Eric Dalagan, is facing robbery charges and is detained at QCPD station 12.

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada said he is convinced the burglary was the result of a conspiracy. “Do I think it's an inside job, someone guided the suspects? Yes,” Estrada told reporters after his bail hearing for plunder at the Sandiganbayan on Monday.
After Estrada saw pictures of the suspect, Eric Dalagan, he said he has reason to believe he must have known the suspect. “He looks familiar. He could be one of those we contracted to do paint job or electrical works so he was able to familiarize himself with our house.” - JJ, GMA News