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Kid Peña stops release of Ebeng Baloloy’s salary

Acting Makati Mayor Romulo 'Kid' Peña has stopped the release of the salaries and benefits of Eduviges 'Ebeng' Baloloy, the executive assistant and longtime secretary of suspended Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and alleged dummy of Vice President Jejomar Binay, a television report said Monday.

GMA News TV's News To Go reported that Baloloy, who has yet to surface since last year when the alleged anomalies in Makati City were raised, was still able to receive her salary for June.

The report said Binay's camp explained that what was released were funds from Baloloy's accumulated leaves since she started working at the city hall.

Peña was quoted as saying that he will check if Baloloy is receiving double compensation, first, as an employee of Makati City and, second, as a staff at the Office of the Vice President.

The acting mayor has also reportedly stopped the city's aid to its sister-cities across the country.

Peña believes the assistance may reach billions of pesos.

Baloloy was also the secretary of the Vice President.

She is also a subject of an arrest warrant issued by the Senate in connection with the probe on alleged irregularities in Makati during the incumbency as mayor of the Vice President.

Meanwhile, Peña reminded the department heads that while he has no authority to sack or reshuffle them, they will be dealt with accordingly if they will defy his requests for documents.

Peña is now holding office at the lobby of Makati City Hall while his office is still being renovated. -Amita O. Legaspi/NB, GMA News