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Ex-Iglesia minister Menorca undergoes inquest for ‘resisting arrest’

Expelled Iglesia ni Cristo minister Lowell Menorca was subjected to inquest proceedings Wednesday night for a new complaint against him, aside from the original libel case for which he was arrested in the morning.

GMA News' Bam Alegre told "Unang Balita" that Menorca was brought to the Manila City prosecutor's at about 8 p.m. Wednesday for "resisting arrest."

The prosecutor's office was expected to make a decision by 8 a.m. Thursday.

Also, Alegre said "direct assualt" and "obstruction of justice" complaints were filed against Menorca's wife and his body guard.

Menorca was arrested  while on his way to the Court of Appeals to attend a hearing on the petition for writs of habeas corpus and amparo his family filed against Iglesia ni Cristo leaders, including its executive minister, Eduardo Manalo.

His wife has accused Iglesia leaders of abducting her husband in Sorsogon in July last year and of illegally detaining them at the group's compound in Quezon City.

But before Menorca could testify at the Appellate court, he was arrested for a libel case filed by a group.

Shortly after the inquest proceedings for resisting arrest, Menorca told reporters: "It's pretty obvious whose hand is behind all of this ... kahit na itanggi pa nila."

Iglesia ni Cristo has repeatedly denied a hand in the arrest of Menorca.

"We did not serve the warrant [of arrest]," said Iglesia ni Cristo spokesman Edwin Zabala in a press briefing. "It was the Philippine National Police who served it."

Earlier on Wednesday, Menorca said: "Itong mga bagay na 'to, hindi nila ako kayang kumbinsihin na walang kinalaman ang Iglesia ni Cristo dito. Kayang-kaya nilang gawin 'to. They are above the law."  — LBG, GMA News