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If elected, Duterte wants to end crime, corruption in three to six months

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte claimed that he could end crime and corruption in the country within three to six months if he is elected president in the May 2016 polls.

On the radio program “Ikaw Na Ba?... The Presidential Interview” on Tuesday with Mike Enriquez, Duterte said he may not be the “nicest” presidential candidate but he can deliver what he promised: to rid the country of crime and corruption.

“Sinasabi ko sa taongbayan, kung gusto niyo ng malinis ang bunganga, very civil, very courteous, doon na kayo,” Duterte said.

“Pero kung gusto niyo naman 'yung nagmumura pero tinutupad ang pangako, I will deliver. In three to six months, I will stop drugs and criminality,” he said.

Asked by Enriquez how it was possible to stop drugs and criminality within months after assuming office, Duterte said, “Sabi nila imposible, pero posible.”

Duterte said if you have been into the presidency for one week and no one believes in you or follows your order, “Bumitiw ka na.”

One of the criticisms being hurled at Duterte is that in Davao, crime persists.

“Meron pero hindi ganoon karami,” Duterte said, explaining that his detractors include on their list “minor” crimes such as smoking in public, urinating in public, and speeding.

Duterte said his rule in Davao is simple: “Ano ang batas?”

For those who do good, Duterte said they have his support. But for those who disobey the law, “Pasensiya na. Kulong,” he said.

When Enriquez cited that Davao only has two million people while the entire nation has 100 million, Duterte said, he will merely intensify the degree of his “snobbishness.”

“Adjust ko lang pagkasuplado ko,” he said. “Supladuhan lang 'yan.”

Police, military

During the interview, Duterte said his strategy for solving criminality is simple: He will use the police and the military to hunt down criminals.

He said he will order law enforcers to shoot when they feel that their lives are in danger.

However, he said he will never order extrajudicial killings or the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of a legal process.

“Pabayaan mong lumaban,” Duterte said. However, the police or the military should not allow criminals to get the better of them.

“If you think that your life is in jeopardy, ang buhay mo nasa delikado na, shoot,” he said. —KG, GMA News