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Swede lives off Pinoys’ kindness at NAIA after losing passport, cash

A Swedish citizen has been calling the arrival area of the NAIA Terminal his home for almost a week now after he lost cash and some of his belongings, including his passport, GMA News TV's Balitanghali reported on Monday.

Tomas Anshelm said he lost cash to a cab driver on Friday after he went to the Swedish Embassy in Manila. Before that, he said he also lost P15,000 to thieves when he traveled to Boracay.

The Swedish Embassy reportedly cannot give him a passport because he doesn't have any money.

Anshelm has since been living off the kindness of airport staff as he remains stranded at the airport.

Even with his misfortune, Anshelm only has good words for Filipinos.

"It's amazing how helpful and generous and kind people are here. People I've known for five minutes ask me if I've had dinner," Anshelm said. -NB, GMA News