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Duterte's final pitch: I will give you a comfortable life

Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made one last promise to the electorate two days before election day - a comfortable life.

"I don't have the extra credentials to be really a leader. What I have is ordinary leadership," Duterte told the crowd of 300,000 at the miting de avance at the Luneta Saturday night.

"If I could lead this nation to--hindi naman greatness--but I can promise you a comfortable life under me. Nakakain, walang masyadong krimen, and drugs--I will suppress it."



"I will deliver to you, ano, ang dapat sa tao. I will make sure there is no corruption and ano iyong i-correct, just give me time," he added.



Duterte also slammed the administration for its incompetence in handling problems that affect the life of ordinary people, such as the problems with the MRT.

"I don't blurt out things that I cannot do. You just watch me," he said.

In the same speech, Duterte also stayed on his now well-known message and vowed to forget human rights if he wins Monday's election and "butcher" criminals.

"Forget the laws on human rights," said Duterte, as he boasted of killing criminals during his more than two decades as mayor of the southern city of Davao.

The presidential candidate added that he would also be prepared to kill a criminal even in front of human rights campaigners or other critics.

"I will butcher him in front of them if they want," he said.

Duterte had also earlier said that he would resort to one-man rule if lawmakers disobeyed him and create a revolutionary government that could rewrite the constitution. — with a report from Agence France-Presse/DVM, GMA News