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Duterte won't rescue police officer from NPA after being found with drugs

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night said he would no longer seek the release of the chief of police who was taken by New People's Army rebels during a recent raid on a police station in Davao region.

Duterte confirmed reports that rebels found illegal drugs in the possession of a police officer who was recently taken by the rebels following a raid on the station.

He said an NPA commander told him about the drugs seized from the cop. He said the rebel leader would not lie to him

Duterte said it was up to the rebels to try the cop in their "kangaroo court."

He said he will he no longer work for the policeman's release.

"What will you do? You have a kangaroo court.... Sentence him to 20 years of hard labor," Duterte said.

"I said I'd be harsh. I'm sorry for that guy," he added.

NPA rebels recently attacked a police station in General Generoso, Davao Oriental and seized its police chief Chief Inspector Arnold Ognachen and two others.

Duterte earlier said he was in talks with the NPA to work for the release of the chief of police. —NB, GMA News