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Duterte kisses dead victim of Davao blast

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday visited the victims of the bloody Davao City blast confined in at least four hospitals.

In one of the photos from Malacañang, Duterte was seen kissing one of the dead victims of the night market blast on Friday night, which killed 14 people and injured more than 60 others.


The President made rounds at the four hospitals were the victims were rushed after the bombing.


Police investigators have yet to determine which group was responsible for the attack.

Duterte declared a state of lawlessness, placing the police and the military under a nationwide alert.

"These are extraordinary times. We are trying to cope up with a crisis now. There seems to be an environment of lawlessness. I just might declare a state of lawless violence in this country," Duterte said.

"It's not martial law but I am inviting now the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the military and the police to run the country in accordance with my specifications," he added.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have placed their units nationwide under full alert as a response to Duterte's declaration. —Rie  Takumi/ALG, GMA News