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Duterte responds to criticism from EU: 'F— you'

F— you.

This is President Rodrigo Duterte’s message to the European Union (EU) after the European Parliament issued a resolution urging Philippine authorities to launch an immediate investigation into the rising death toll in his administration's war on drugs.

Duterte made this pronouncement on Tuesday in a speech at the Sulong Pilipinas-Local Governance Dialogues at SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

“Iyong nabasa ko ang EU condemnation sa akin, sabihin ko sa kanila, 'F— you.' You are doing it in atonement of your sins. Ginawa nilang istrikto-istrikto kasi may guilt feelings iyan sila. Ako dito, sino ang pinatay ko, assuming it to be true? 1,007? Who are they? Criminals? You call it genocide? Ilan ang pinatay nila?” he said.

Duterte pointed out that some EU nations also committed human rights violations while occupying other countries in the past.

“Tapos itong EU ngayon has the gall to condemn me. Sige, I repeat it, f— you,” he said, before raising his middle finger as the audience applauded.

Duterte has made international headlines with his profane response to criticism of the rising death toll in the drug war. He had previously threatened to quit the United Nations over a statement by human rights officials asking him to investigate the killings, and responded with a profanity-laced tirade when asked about the possibility of discussing human rights with United States President Barack Obama.

In a resolution last week, the European Parliament said that while it agrees that drug trafficking and abuse in the Philippines "remain a serious and national concern," it is also concerned "by the high numbers killed during police operations in the context of an intensified anti-crime and anti-drug campaign."

It also urged the Philippine government to "launch an 'immediate investigation' into them and adopt 'specific, comprehensive policies and programmes', in full compliance with national and international obligations and respect for human rights."

The European Parliament is composed of lawmakers from 28 European countries.

Can't kill them all

Addressing the EU and the US, Duterte said he already released list of politicians, judges, police, and other government officials involved in drugs.

“We are in a war against our self. There is an internecine thing going on. Hindi lang ninyo alam, you don’t know, kasi you remain to be stupid,” he said.

“Sinabi ko, I showed it to media, 'Even if I wanted to kill them all, I cannot because of the sheer number…' It was just putting up an idiomatic ideology of killing people,” Duterte added. —JST, GMA News