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Andanar: PHL-US split like a son leaving pa’s house, not a couple’s divorce

BEIJING—Malacañang on Friday said that the parting of ways between the Philippines and the United States was more like a son leaving his father's house than a husband and a wife undergoing divorce.

Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar made the remark to join the ranks of other government officials in explaining President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration that the Philippines was headed for an economic and military split with its historic ally and former colonial master.

Andanar said Duterte meant that he would like Philippines to have more room to conduct business with other nations.

"Separation is not an annulment. It's not a divorce. It's like a father and a son and the son has to leave the house, and the son has to marry and move to a different house. Parang ganoon lang iyon," Andanar said.

"The United States was a father to us for a long time. It's but timely already for us to move out of that house, and secure our own house, and decide for ourselves," he added.

Andanar said Duterte just wanted to be on equal footing with the US, while stressing that there would be no cutting of ties with the Americans.

"The relationship is there. It’s like having an co-equal relationship with everyone. No one is above anyone," Andanar said.

"We have good relations with China. Soon, we’re gonna have good relations with Russia. And we have good relations with Japan. We’ve had good relations with the United States, with UK, and other countries. It’s... Walang ano. Kung baga it’s level playing field," he added.

Andanar allayed fears that Philippines would just be subservient to China next.

"[Duterte] wants an independent foreign policy, that he will think, that he will fight for the rights of every Filipino and he serves no master but the Filipino," Andanar said. —NB, GMA News