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Bong Go denies Duterte went to China for cancer treatment

A Malacañang official on Monday denied a newspaper column that hinted that President Rodrigo Duterte had gone to China to seek cancer treatment.

"Not true. One hundred percent, hindi kami lumabas [ng bansa]," Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Secretary Christopher "Bong" Go told reporters in an interview.

"Check n'yo. Hindi kami lumabas ng bansa," he added.

The statement came after a column by former senator Francisco "Kit" Tatad on The Manila Times speculated that Duterte might have spent his New Year at the Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China.

After leading the Rizal Day commemoration rites in Luneta and visiting the bombing victims in Leyte before the New Year, Duterte did not make any public appearances until he returned to Manila on Friday to visit the Russian warship docked at Pier 15 in Manila.

Duterte has repeatedly denied that he has cancer, although he admitted to having had Buerger's disease, Barrett's esophagus, and spinal problems due to an accident he experienced while riding a motorcycle.   —KBK/KG, GMA News